A New Approach to the New Year

Don’t we all secretly envy our friends who accomplish their resolutions for the new year?


Heck, let’s just lay it on the line: We HATE it. We RESENT the embarrassment of not being able to do what they do. And even as we grudgingly put the pen to paper to record our resolutions, part of us is asking, “Why, why, WHY are we setting ourselves up for another humiliation?”


That’s a million-dollar question, and it deserves an answer.


We do it because we know we need to make a change, and we really to want to.


This begs the billion-dollar question: why is living up to our resolutions so dang difficult? So, let’s begin with determining what a resolution is – and isn’t.


For most of us, a resolution isn’t even a promise. If we promised our kids a vacation, we’d bust a gut to deliver, rather than disappoint them. In fact, most of us probably wouldn’t even make the promise until the groundwork for delivery had been laid.


Nope, we’re talking about intentions here, and other than paving the pathway to Hell, good intentions aren’t good for much.


A resolution is much more than that. When we resolve to do something, we are determined. We’re committed. Unfortunately, most of us believe we don’t have enough determination or commitment (and some believe they lack it entirely).


And therein lies a big piece of the problem. What you believe – I mean REALLY believe – determines what you accomplish.


It’s incredibly hard to make yourself do something you don’t believe you can do. Conversely, people have done some amazing things – often awfully stupid things – just because they believed (Kamikaze pilots and suicide bombers come to mind).


Beliefs can build determination and commitment, but this doesn’t work well in reverse.  Beliefs are built upon tons of experience and training, reinforced over time and stored in the amazing, invaluable vault known as our subconscious minds. Habits haunt these hallowed halls as well, inextricably intertwined with beliefs.


And there’s another cog of the conundrum: determination and resolve, conscious activities, just don’t work well with emotions, habits or beliefs. As soon as your attention is diverted, your old modes come back to mock you.


If you had the time, determination, willingness, and resources, you could build new, constructive beliefs and habits. The Marine Corps has been doing this successfully for hundreds of years now and consequently has the highest combat survival rate of any branch of the services.


Conversely (some might say perversely), in just 4 to 6 years, colleges and universities do a remarkable job of eradicating eighteen years of carefully cultivated common sense. And at great expense!


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to just directly implant new, constructive beliefs and habits into our subconscious minds?


How cool would it be to KNOW that we were going to REALLY achieve our goals?


Wouldn’t it be great to feel full of the confidence and determination you’ve always wanted?


There is. It’s called HYPNOSIS, and in just a few sessions, you’ll be amazed by your advances.


And now I’ll toss out the trillion-dollar question:


What are you waiting for?


Happy Hypnotic Holidays!